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Yoga Teacher Training 2019

Beginning this September, take your practice and self-study to new depths with our 200 hour Tantra Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training.

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Our Community


Therapeutic massage

A full time massage therapy practice offered at Pramana. With a foundation in physical rehabilitation and deep tissue work, the body is approached by taking energetic and emotional factors into consideration. The client/therapist relationship is paramount to ensure a comfortable and secure space for release of restrictions and understanding of where & how the holdings in the body are rooted. Options are available to investigate barriers in one's yoga practice or to delve deeper into the mind/body connection through extended sessions by request. Direct billing to most major insurance companies is available.  


We strive to  bring yoga back to the foundations on which it was built. Where class sizes are small and equal in level with opportunity to workshop and discuss the philosophies and reasoning behind the practice. Regular, weekly classes are tailored to specific levels in small groups, with the aim of building an ever evolving growth in practice. Classes are led by a diverse group of teachers who have rich backgrounds in a variety of styles who aim to engage and educate in a personal setting. Our primary focus is to cultivate the student/teacher relationship through supporting the process of growth, connection and transformation.


Reiki is a powerful tool to cultivate healing and whole baody balance & wellness on an energetic level. Space is held at Pramana for weekly accessibility to appointments. Reiki sessions may include techiniques such as massage, chanting, essential oils and guided meditation. Mariah Pelley-Smith is an independent practitioner who shares her gift and time with our studio. Working in our beautiful treatment space, she ensures that comfort levels are a priority for vulnerable space. To learn more about her sessions and her offerings, please visit our Session Descriptions or connect with The Reiki Eye website below.


Our beautiful space was always meant to be a place of learning. Keeping with that philosophy, we often run aligned events in addition to the regular schedule. Time is held for a variety of 4-6 week tailored yoga series sessions, workshops on complimentary yoga and bodywork topics, specialty mindfulness classes and hosting community partners with shared practices. Keep in touch with upcoming news by checking in on our website, following us on social media, or signing up for our newsletter. Interested in hosting an event or renting space for a private event? Please feel free to connect through our contacts page.


Mindful Bodywork

Pramana holds space to bring you to your body. The stress we hold, often without realizing it, can be stored and present through a variety of symptoms until time is taken to address it. In coming to yoga or bodywork with intention, emotional stresses and traumas can be released and a new way of living without the weight of restriction can bring about a vibrant freedom.

Our therapists are extensively trained and experienced in physical rehabilitation post injury or through sports induced strain to the body. They address common conditions such as headaches, TMJ dysfunction, general postural tensions and post surgical care. However, their interests most specifically lie in the energetic body, yoga infused lifestyle and a healthy connection to touch and to one's own body & self. 

We are compassionate and inclusive to clients with mental health barriers, chronic physical/emotional trauma and are committed to holding safe space for the trans population.

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Mindful Space

In addition to our active yoga classes, we strive to hold space for more meditative and energetic practices. Yin yoga is our popular weekly restorative class for deep release through passive stretching. Yoga Nidra is a specialty class offered monthly to take you through a guided meditation. Additionally, we hold regular workshops and specialty classes aligned with mindfulness and energetic teachings. All classes are open and accessible to any level of experience.


Mindful Movement

Each yoga class is taught in a small group setting by teachers richly trained in a variety of styles. Safe and educated movement helps you build your practice and your student/teacher connection. A comfortable and inclusive environment and accessibility to yoga is a top mission. A levelled based approach ensures all abilities are met and our Friday night $5 Community Class is a fantastic way to try the studio while contributing to the growth of newer teachers our community.

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