Alicia Wright, RMT


Alicia has been practicing as a registered massage therapist in the Halifax area since 2005. Her foundation primarily lies in clinical & collaborative physical therapy. In 2015, she kissed the corporate-run physiotherapy world good-bye and opened an independent practice. She is thriving in the health and wellness community and loves having more freedom to infuse an ever evolving energetic approach to her already deep and intuitive treatments. Alicia’s wellness philosophy is still deeply rooted in a collaborative belief; educating people about the benefits of regular massage therapy, while also encouraging the use of all other forms of bodywork and self care to create a healthy and optimal physical/energetic/emotional balance. Since finding the crossover of her preferred approach to massage therapy with an alignment based yoga practice, Alicia has deepened her view of self care and is passionate about creating a space just for that. Having also been a long standing lover of the community, Alicia is also passionate about its growth and promotion, which is why she’s so happy to now be a part of the rejuvenation of the Gottingen Street business sector. 


Shyla Hacala

TEACHER, Yoga Therapist

Shyla’s yoga journey began about 17 years ago after discovering the healing power of the mind body connection. She has been teaching since 2009 and is a certified yoga therapist with over 1000 hours of training. Shyla has trained with some very highly respected yoga therapy pioneers in North America including Judith Lasater, Nischala Devi and Jnani Chapman.

Shyla’s therapeutic journey has since branched off to studying metaphysics and energetics and particularly, the mechanics of personality and subtle energy and their energetic connection to physical, mental and emotional disorders. She is a student of self-self study and in constant search of seeing the invisible and understanding the traumas of the human journey.

Shyla specializes in guiding, facilitating, and creating a safe environment for people to have transformative experiences 



Kate Phillips, RMT


Kate is an RMT in Halifax whose focus is to heal and evolve the mind and body together through her massage treatments.

Her passion for health and wellness began early in life, coming to full bloom during her 2 years of travels across Asia where she deepened her yoga practice and learned the benefits of meditation. Kate's mission is to bring mindfulness, compassion,and balance to each treatment, with the goal of releasing tension and imbalances in the body. She is intuitive with her myofasial release techniques and uses movement and stretch to encourage postural improvements. She will help bring awareness to your body, posture, and breath to improve your overall wellness and personal goals. 


Kate is excited to be a part of the Pramana family and promote the importance of self love and overall wellness in the Halifax community. 


Nikki Martin


Nikki came to yoga in 2012, craving an activity to get her out of the house and drawn by both the strength, grace and challenge of arm balances and inversions, and a desire to finally forge a path to peace and happiness in her own life. She quickly fell in love with the practice of yoga as a whole and how it enriched all facets of her life, and though she still loves the physical challenges it presents she has come to appreciate the mental, spiritual and philosophical aspects of the practice as well. 

As a writer and storyteller she loves the idea that a yoga class can lead you somewhere, that you can tell a story with body and breath. As a teacher and student she is passionate about yoga not as a practice of doing, but rather as one of trying, experiencing and feeling. And whether it's a couple people or a crowded room, as a teacher she tries to pass along the greatest gift this practice has given her, "Ultimately this is a practice of connectivity. It connects us with the world. It connects us with ourselves. And it connects us with each other."


Liseanne MacPherson


Liseanne, believes in the value of unrestricted possibility within movement, as well as life. A registered massage therapist by trade, an opportunity arose in 2015 for Liseanne to broaden her knowledge of the mind-body connection through training the practice of Tantra Vinyasa Yoga , of which she readily accepted. Through yoga Liseanne works to release those she teaches from the monotony and hustle of daily routine, awakening their soul and helping to bring them back to their true self. She believes with breath and movement we can best connect to our intentions, while helping to dispel the control anxiety has in directing our lives. With yoga Liseanne works to set her pupils free from their limitations, allowing them the space within her class to move in ways they may have never envisioned for themselves. She encourages compassion with one’s self, recognizing the value of progress without the confines of judgement. Liseanne’s approach to yoga resonates through her meditative classes, inspiring mantras and kind and energetic personality.


Shabnam Sobhani

Teacher & BSW, MSW

Shabnam Sobhani RYT 200 has been practicing yoga since 2008. From that first class she knew that becoming a yoga teacher would be in her path at some point. Shabnam continues to study yoga and is in the process of obtaining her 500 hour training. Shabnam is a student first and teacher second, always learning from her students and encouraging them to also listen and be aware of their body and mind connection. Her classes are often to music, bringing a fun and calming spirit to a moderate paced practice. Shabnam incorporates mindfulness in each class to allow students to find space within themselves to stay present and just be. Shabnam implements a trauma informed perspective into her classes and approach to teaching to increase awareness that trauma is embodied within and that yoga can be a tool to explore experiences of pain and find ways to heal.

Shabnam welcomes everyone who comes to her classes to be open and nurture an attitude of love and kindness towards their bodies by modifying postures, using props to be more comfortable or to do whatever else you need to do to enjoy the flow!

Darrah bio square.jpg

Darrah Richardson


Darrah hails from Prince Edward Island and has called Halifax her home by way of Spain since July 2011. Her party trick is that she is fluent in Spanish and her trusty sidekick is a seven-year-old Boston Terrier named Humphrey "Bogie" Bogart. Her playful teaching style reinforces the body-mind connection through alignment and attention to the breath, and she is inspired by various forms of movement and mindfulness to encourage her students to deepen their connection to their bodies. She received her certification in Hatha Vinyasa yoga through Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio in July 2012 and has held her Schwinn® Indoor Cycling Instructor certification since December 2012. In her downtime, she can typically be found indulging in young adult fiction and gluten-free brownies from Wild Leek.


Holly Amos

RD & Teacher

Holly began practicing yoga for the strength and flexibility benefits, but soon found that her practice would become much deeper. As a Nutritionist, Holly is familiar with fostering health through providing our bodies with the nourishment that we need to thrive. When she finished her dietetic training she felt drawn to explore the connection between the body and mind. Her curiosity led her to the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Ashram. Through completing an immersive 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Holly deepened her yoga and mediation practice and philosophical understandings. Her traditional training provides a solid foundation for the practices of pranayama, mediation and the Sivananda sequence. The principles of mindfulness and meditation are key to Holly’s practice as a Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor and in her life.

Ayla bio.jpg

Ayla Singer


Ayla is a passionate instructor who believes yoga and breath can change someone's life. She credits her first yoga class as one of the best things that ever happened to her. Yoga has given her the tools to get out of her head and thrive in the present moment. In 2012 she decided to take her 200 hour YTT so she could not only deepen her practice but share it with others. Her classes have a theme of connecting breath and movement, presence and the unfolding of possibilities in every moment. Having deep rooted values in the importance of community, Ayla is so excited to be part of the Pramana team.

Alanna bio.jpg

Alanna McIntyre


Alanna is a multilingual mamma, sommelier, art lover, flamenco dancer, yoga practitioner and teacher.  She fell in love with yoga after her first class in Florence, Italy in 2001; though it wasn’t until 2009 when she was pregnant with her first child, that she began to develop a regular yoga practice. Yoga was a way for her to connect and reconnect daily with life changes and challenges.   

Alanna completed a 300 hour teacher training in 2013 with yoga therapist, Nancy Hunter at 108Yoga in Halifax in the tradition of Krishnamacharya.   In 2014 she received her Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist certification through the Himalayan Institute and 108 Yoga in Halifax.

Alanna combines the traditional teachings of yoga and ayurveda to create space for students to pull out of the momentum of their daily lives in order to cultivate an inward focus.  

“The more I practice and learn about this modality for sustaining health and wellness, the more I see the positive results playing out in so many areas of my life. With a desire to deepen my understanding of yoga, its roots and its modern day applications, I continue to study, practice and teach. My goal is that students leave the practice with a feeling of inner vibrancy and a deep sense of calm and steadiness to help carry them through their day.”       

Janna Bio.jpg

Janna Morrison


Janna has always led a physically active lifestyle through competitive sports. Her yoga practice provides the challenge she seeks for focus, clarity, strength and flexibility. Through dedicated practice, she's found a place of great appreciation and awareness for my body. And so much more. As an engineer by day, teaching yoga provides Janna with a creative outlet and human connection to help others experience the same benefits that yoga has provided her so they, too can live their best and balanced life. As she continues to grow as a person and face the challenges of life, she feels better prepared to handle those challenges through a practice and the supportive yoga community. Janna received her teaching certification from Shanti Hot Yoga and currently teaches throughout Halifax. She is motivated to help others experience the same benefits that yoga has provided her so they too can live their best life. This provides her with a great sense of personal reward to feel that she's paying it forward by helping others achieve and maintain a sound body, mind and spirit.

Nicole Bio.jpg

Nicole Kurceba


"I am an adventure seeker, heart-on-my-sleeve wearer, student of yoga, world traveler, laughter advocate, dream chaser, fruit addict and compassion preacher." 

Nicole is originally from Vancouver, attended Acadia University for her BBA and Varsity Volleyball career, moved to Calgary, Alabama, California, Melbourne, and is now back in Halifax. A travel and athletic enthusiast, Nicole has found a way to stay grounded amongst all the adventure she embarks on. That grounding practice is Yoga. 

"While pursuing a professional beach volleyball in the States, I stumbled upon Yoga to compliment my strength training and help with flexibility. Little did I know that Yoga was so much more than that. I soon fell in love with the practice for not only its physical challenge, but its ability to calm my mind. Yoga rekindled my love for learning, love for my body and love for my inner-self. I realized my true passion lay in Yoga so I enrolled in Teacher Training and have been teaching around the world ever since. Yoga brought such joy and love to my life, and I want to share all the joy and love with everyone else! I have taught in Australia and coast to coast in Canada, meeting people from all levels of yoga and all walks of life. I have learned that no matter who you are, yoga (in any form) can add value to your life."

Nicole's classes are movement (vinyasa) focused and will challenge your body and your mind. All levels are welcomed but expect to work hard and try something new!

Laurel Bio.jpg

Laurel Schut


Laurel has been practicing yoga for 10 years and has been teaching for 5 years. In 2012, she completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training under the unconventional co-guidance of both a ParaYoga and Ashtanga practitioner. Since she started teaching, Laurel has connected with hundreds of yoga students, skillfully weaving themes through her classes in order to create a space for each student to experience both a deep internal experience and a connection to a greater healing presence. Her grounded, well-rounded classes integrate unhurried but strong sequencing, precise anatomical instruction, and mindfulness teachings. Laurel continues to study and is currently completing a 300hr training on the Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga with Simon Borg-Olivier. 

Catie Bio.jpg

Catie Mason, RHN


Catie stumbled upon a yoga class 12 years ago while in university and started practicing as a means to stay fit and flexible; but it soon became much more than that. First, it was vital way to combat stress and anxiety using breathwork and movement to inhabit the body and quiet the mind. She started with Hot yoga, moved to Ashtanga, and eventually to Kundalini which set her on a the new spiritual path of yoga. Always knowing she wanted to become a yoga teacher she found the perfect training after practicing alone in Cape Breton for a year via online classes. She eventually found the teachings of Kia Miller who blends Kundalini and Vinyasa to make this branch of yoga more accessible to modern yoga practitioners. After completing her 200-hour teacher training with Kia, she then combined it with a complementary passion and completed the prenatal training at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio. 


Catie now works as a Holistic Nutritionist with a focus on Fertility and Pregnancy support and also as a Doula. Her prenatal classes are a blend of flowing Vinyasa, building strength and stamina for birth with Hatha, and Kundalini meditations and practices thrown in to help you connect with yourself and your baby and to release stress. Catie believes in creating community around you wherever you go with no time being more important than during pregnancy. Come as you are, no experience required. She looks forward to accompanying you on this motherhood journey!

Ariane bio pic.jpg

Ariane Seguin


E-RYT 500 Ariane completed her training at Samatva Yogalaya in Rishikesh India. 

She was first introduced to yoga during her first year of University and immediately fell in love with this practice. First drawn to the physical aspects of yoga she quickly realized the additional mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. 

Her style of teaching is based in classical hatha and has a strong focus on alignment. Through her teaching she hopes to help students find their inner teacher through greater self-awareness. 

Our logo

The Pramana logo is a representation of a Hindu Tilaka, which is a mark traditionally worn on the forehead. Although there are different variations, the Tripundra, the chosen version here, is an ancient representation worn by the followers of Shiva. The three lines are made with sacred ash from fire sacrifices and a red mark, made from clay, sandalwood paste or tumeric, is added in the centre. When applied in this way, it symbolizes the unity of energy and matter that creates the entire seen and unseen universe. The three lines are a reminder of various trinities, such as: the three syllables of Aum, the three Gunas (qualities of nature) and the Hindu Gods (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). The tripundra is also a reminder of the spiritual aims of life, the truth that the body and material things shall someday become ash, and that mukti (freedom or liberation) is a worthy goal.


The literal meaning of Pramāṇa is "proof". It refers to the means by which a person obtains accurate and true knowledge. How correct knowledge can be acquired, how one knows or doesn't know, and to what extent knowledge that is relevant about someone or something can be acquired, is the essence of Pramana. 

The three principal means of knowledge are perception, evidence, and testimony. There are two additional means of knowledge (1)analogy, which enables one to grasp the meaning of a word by the knowing of a similar word, and (2)circumstantial implication, which appeals to common sense, for example, one does not see the sun move from minute to minute, but as it is in a different place at different times of day, one must conclude that it has moved.

The name Pramāṇa was chosen to encompass our convictions in the importance of one having the opportunity to learn and flourish, seeking out the strength, of mind, body and spirit. By creating a place which supports this process of growth and discovery, space can be made to find one's true self. We know that when you are the best you can be, we are the best we can be.