Which Path Will You Choose?

Fulfillment will not happen from the sidelines or following someone else’s agenda. Fulfillment only happens when we choose that option and are willing to take the necessary actions to allow ourselves the time we need to live an inspired life. The big surf trip, climb trip or new business project only happens when you choose that it is going to happen…. even when everything seems to be working against you.

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Alicia Wright
3​ Ways your Body is Holding Emotion (and how to use them to your advantage)

I​n today's world, the awareness of mind/body/spirit connection is more widely recognized and accepted than ever before. We have access to an abundance of information making the longevity of a healthy human existence a real and desirable potential. We're also gifted with capacity to know how our mental and emotional wellbeing plays an important role in this scenario. We know it's all connected. But we can feel lost when we're not well if we don't know how it's all connected.

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