Pramāṇa was built on a levelled based approach to practice. With our small scale class model, our intention is to not only provide exactly what you require for your capability and personal need, but to also host an environment where a relationship with your teacher is encouraged. Yoga is SO MUCH MORE than the pose. Please join us on this journey and feel free to connect if any of our classes seem intimidating or you're unsure. This is why we're here. for you. This is YOUR studio. 




The Foundation class is our former Level 1 practice. It's aimed towards students who are newer to yoga or those who would like to build on their basics. Foundational poses are instructed with attention to alignment and explanation of proper execution. Some pranayama and meditation may be incorporated to draw focus to the full spectrum of a yoga practice. Whether you are just beginning or deepening your practice, this class will challenge your needs and open your perspective.



Cultivation is our former Level 2 class and requires some previous yoga experience. It is a beautiful way to explore your practice whilst being given options for more pose variations. There will be a focus on breath, more instruction for vinyasa flow and opportunity to explore and deepen your asana. The seed has been planted and this is where it grows!



Transformation practice is our former Level 3. This requires some previous experience with yoga and is perfectly suitable for anyone comfortable with a Cultivation class. Transformation will guide you through a more refined sequence and take space and time to workshop poses, help you prep and build into more challenging postures and bring more philosophy into your experience. This class is always 90 minutes in length to ensure plenty of space for discussion and prep work. This is where you build your practice. This is where you transform!

Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra is offered intermittently at the studio. It is a form a guided mediation which allows you to transcend to a place where your body is in a state of sleep whilst your mind is conscious and alert. This 60 minute class is broken down into 15 minutes of movement followed by a 45 minute savasana where the teacher speaks to you and guides you through a sequence of visual and cognitive instruction. 

Nidra is designed to induce a deep state of relaxation and has been known to be a positive benefit to certain common ailments such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches and a whole host of other stress induced afflictions. 


Yin Yoga


Yin yoga is intermittently included on the regular schedule. Unlike an active practice, Yin aims to remove muscular contraction by offering passive instruction into poses. Each pose is held for a lengthy duration to address not only the deep connective tissues, but also provides a meditative space whilst these tissues slowly respond. The asana is all done on the floor with loads of props and supports to ensure that you release safely and within your own capacity. This passive practice is the perfect compliment to your regular active classes and will undoubtedly advance your practice as a whole.  


Yin Yoga with Hands-On Assist


In addition to the Yin yoga classes, this specialty class will be offered regularly. Instruction will be assisted by an RMT assuring lots of hands-on attention. Soft tissue touch can help the body get deeper into the posture or support you where your restriction is depending on your need. This class also uses lots of props and supports to help you fully let go. Safety and knowledge is a priority in this class to deliver the best possible experience with lasting results. Because of the nature of this class, attendance is limited to 6 students so pre-registration is generally required. This is also a specialty class and therefore isn't included in our membership packages and has a different price than the drop-in rate. Sessions are $25 + per person. 



This class is a beautifully balanced offering of active, vinyasa flow and passive, restorative yin yoga. It's designed to bring you into the strength and support of your body and then allows you to release into deep, non contractile holdings. Some previous experience with yoga is recommended.