Yoga Nidra

January 27th


Regular Class Pass/Drop-in Rate

Join Heather for this special Holiday mindful treat. Yoga Nidra, sometimes also referred to as “yogic sleep”, is a form a guided mediation which allows you to transcend to a place where your body is in a state of sleep whilst your mind is conscious and alert. This 60 minute class begins with movement in preparation for a lengthy savasana, or supine rest where the teacher speaks to guide you through a sequence of visual and cognitive instruction offering the opportunity to clearly see and set deep intentions. The focus here will be sankalpa Shakti, or establishing your energy and resolve for the New Year ahead! 

Nidra is designed to induce a deep state of relaxation and has been known to be a positive benefit to certain common ailments such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches and a whole host of other stress induced afflictions. This class is accessible and welcoming of all levels. Move mindfully into 2019 with us!

Intro to Yoga Series

4 Saturdays/February 9th-March 2nd



Begin or begin again with Ruthy! This 4 week series will take you through the basics of a yoga class in a small group setting. Each week will build upon foundational material and leave you feeling confident to move more mindfully on your own!

Week 1: Stillness & breath- finding the breath in tadasana, downward dog, child's pose and savasana.

Week 2: stand like a warrior- working from the feet in basic standing postures.

Week 3: the yin & the yang- the importance of flexibility & stretch vs. strength & containment.

Week 4: the full flow- moving through and combining all weeks.


February 10th


$40+ tax

Our most nurturing and restorative class is moving into the New Year with Ayla Singer and Michael Everson, RMT.  This class is a blissful blend of yin yoga with hands-on massage to help you release fully into the postures whilst also supporting your body's needs. With the contribution of live music from Ostrea Lake, this 90 minute guidance will leave you feeling the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy and the mindfulness and energetic opening of yoga. Class size is limited to assure plenty of manual assists so preregistration is required.

Yoga with Baby - New Series

5 Thursdays, January 10th-February 7th


$60+ tax

Catie Mason is a registered holistic nutritionist, a yoga teacher and a new mum! Join her as she guides you through a practice to awaken and reenergize your body after welcoming a new baby without the need for a babysitter! Each week will incorporate asana, guided breathing and mediation along with infant massage, discussion and tips for home play. Focus will be on rebuilding core and pelvic strength after delivery,  and healing, strengthening, and realigning your postpartum body. Come in and connect with other parents and take a moment for yourself! Classes are accessible to all levels and babies up to 12 months. Please speak to your doctor before joining class and wait at least 6 weeks postpartum.

Prenatal Yoga

5 Saturdays, January 12th-February 9th


$60+ tax

Join Catie Mason, registered holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher for a five-week series welcome to all-levels and trimesters. Focus will be on building strength and support of joints using Hatha style postures along with relaxation and movement with appropriate vinyasa sequences. Strong attention will be on pelvic and core function for helping with a smoother delivery and easier recovery. Each class will involve components of discussion, mindfulness, pranayama, and kundalini style meditation along with the asana. Most importantly, come in and connect with community of women also on the journey of motherhood, make new friends, and have fun.