Pramana is an inclusive studio in Halifax’s North end where movement, massage and mindfulness are brought together. Pramana offers a heart-centred space for connection to community, mind, body and Self. The studio offers level-based yoga classes, registered massage therapy, and aligned partners, mentorships and educational opportunities.

The word Pramana means to seek true and accurate knowledge. We embody this concept by working in service to facilitate inspiration and self-discovery in our community with the belief that we are all one. When we heal ourselves, we heal our world.

Therapeutic Massage

There is a full time massage therapy practice offered at Pramana. With roots in physical rehabilitation and deep tissue work, the body is approached by taking energetic and emotional factors into consideration. The client/therapist relationship is a focus to ensure a comfortable and secure space for release of restrictions and understanding of the holdings in the body. Options are offered to combine the complimentary modalities in either class collaborations or private sessions where she works with the client by using yoga as an assessment tool and soft tissue work to address issues.


We strive to  bring yoga back to the foundations on which it was built. Where class sizes are small and equal in level, where there is an opportunity to workshop and discuss the philosophies and reasoning behind the practice, where the relationship between teacher and student is deepened and of utmost importance. Group study, workshop, teacher-training and mentorship are all offered as an ongoing practice. Regular, weekly classes are tailored to specific levels in small groups, with the aim of building a strong foundation. Meditative sessions and continuing education are also complimentary focuses offered regularly. Crossover classes are a specialty that will be held monthly with eyes and hands-on assistance from a massage therapy standpoint.