Therapeutic Massage Through Yoga

Assessment with Asana

Alicia Wright, RMT spent the first 10 years of her practice working within the clinical and physiotherapy world. this rehabilitation focused session reflects that assessment based eye through a very detailed intake on your concerns followed by a custom set of testing through strength, limitation, alignment and proper yoga ergonomics. Want to deepen your practice? Want to know how to use your practice to help with your injury? Feeling like you have plateaued and not sure why? This is the perfect opportunity to work together to break down those barriers. With hands-on adjustments and releases to affected tissues, this session will leave you feeling open and empowered. This may also be eligible to be billed under your private massage therapy insurance coverage.


Private Yin Yoga with Hands-on Assist

Alicia Wright, RMT leads this session. Yin yoga is a beautifully passive practice which helps to open and release non-contractile connective tissues. With all of the poses being on the floor and held for extended lengths, it's the perfect setting for hands-on assistance to either help you release into depth or assist with support. A private session will be customized to your needs and you'll be guided safely through an hour of restorative tissue balancing. The option for a semi-private session is available for two people to share the time. Either session is potentially billable thorough most massage therapy insurance plans.