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Mariah Pelley-Smith

Mariah is a Reiki Master Practitioner who serves Halifax and its surrounding area. Mariah's journey of becoming a Reiki Practitioner started in 2016 and immediately changed her perception of her own body, mind, soul and the world around her. Reiki revealed that all flaws are perfect, everything we ever need is inside us and everyone is a student and teacher. Mariah's gifts & techniques involve bringing ancient symbols, energies and sound into the space. Some include plant energies, ancient African chants and singing, therapeutic touch, La-Ho-Chi energy and higher being energies. Mariah serves as a channel to work with these modalities in a comfortable and professional way, acknowledging that this may seem out of the ordinary for some. Encouraging the release of expectation and judgment, she assures that the energy and effects of the energy can be felt and benefit overall balance of health and wellness.