Halifax Pride 2018

July 19th-29th

We’re bending over backwards for inclusive space! Pramana is a gay owned, trans welcoming and diversely run studio devoted to queering space for EVERYbody. To celebrate this mission, we’re welcoming guest teachers from the queer community to lead donation classes throughout the festival and capping off the celebrations with an End of Pride Mixer open to all. We're proud to feature some of Halifax's most vibrant teachers and share their stories of how yoga has played a role in their journey to true self identification. Take some time this summer to get to know these beautiful people and connect with them for practices available to all levels which are sure to leave your heart full of pride for their contribution to our wonderful community.


tim bio.JPG

Tim Damon

Tim stepped into the practice of yoga shortly after coming out. At that time, he was seeking something beyond the bar and materialistic scene that he had been exposed to through various social circles. Although he always lived with an open heart and was sensitive to an underlying magic that permeated the mundane, he’d often second guess himself, being drawn toward popular beliefs and the so called ‘normal’ behavioural patterns of life as a gay man. What yoga taught him is that his inner knowing has been (and will continue to be) there all along and that it works in alignment with the natural forces which connect us all, guiding us toward our purpose. With that awareness, Tim forged on and has been building his life on a foundation of truth, community, and deep connection to self. He teaches yoga from a place of joy and kindness, holding space for everyone to connect with what is true for them from moment to moment. 

chloe bio.jpeg

Chloe Luckett

Chloe is a recent graduate of the 200 hour YTT through NOVI yoga here is Halifax. Her message for her place here is this:

"I think one of the challenges of coming out is not feeling like yourself, or that you belong in what has been your life’s routine. Yoga is all about pushing the boundaries and knowing that it’s ok to be uncomfortable. I think that concept can and should be applied to the journey of figuring out your sexuality."

Mase Bio.jpg

Mase Ing

"Come, feel free and flow with me, Mase Ing each Friday of PRIDE week @ Pramana !"

Mase is a registered massage therapist, and has just recently finished their 200hr YTT here in the city.

As a trans*/non-binary identifying individual, Mase understands first hand the internal and external forms of stress and anxiety which can come along with stepping outside of your comfort zone. Originally a self-taught, home practicing Yogi due to anxiety surrounding large, gender binary specific yoga studios, Mase now hopes to create a welcome, safe, and healing space for those, who like them, haven't always felt comfortable "being themselves" in such a vulnerable, sometimes intimate, setting.

As a firm believer in the benefits of safe, guided movement, along with proper balancing postures and a flow fit for all bodies, (plus a positive inclusion of touch), you can expect a strong, fluid sequence with soft, settling poses (with assists) to help you feel much better than when you came in.

Feel free to wear your brightest colours, favourite yoga pants and leave your worries at the door. This class is for any and every BODY, in any shape, size, colour or form.

Darrah Bio.jpeg

Darrah Richardson

Originally from PEI, I moved to Halifax by way of Spain eight years ago with my trusty sidekick/canine companion Humphrey “Bogie” Bogart. My “medium-sized at best” Boston Terrier with his absurdly formal name gives me street cred and don’t think he lets me forget it for a second. For most of my young adult life, I didn't question my sexuality. I lumped myself into the "cis-gender heterosexual' category without giving the idea much (or any) thought. It wasn't until years later when I unexpectedly fell for an individual who identified as non-binary that I gained first-hand insight into the experience of being queer. I was very fortunate that when I began to pull on the thread of my own sexuality, I was backed by a strong support system, both from within and outside the yoga community, who willingly offered me their encouragement and acceptance while I navigated my newfound identity. Based on that experience, I strive to similarly celebrate and elevate my community through my role as a yoga teacher. 

jenn r bio.jpg

Jenn Richardson

Hi. I'm Jenn. I'm a queer lady yoga teacher. I've always adored how yoga brings me back to the experience I'm actually having. And, solitude in a group activity is kinda rad.

Yoga was the first practice that taught me how to exist in my body in a way that no one had ever taught me, or had given me permission to. Before my queerness could be expressed I had to know what it was like to be myself and, because of some unfortunately common early life realities, that wasn't an option for me for a long time.

But. And. The most lovely thing about knowing that my queerness informs my yoga practice is that there's a grace and fluid expression that moves from the space where something old/new is emerging and that, each time I get into the same posture, the shape I'm in is ACTUALLY different and cannot be replicated.

Doesn't that blow your ever-lovin' mind?

I make really great playlists, too!

meg bio.jpg

Meg Scanlan

Megan completed her 200hr yoga teacher training with NOVI yoga inc. in 2018, led by facilitators Leslie Bishop and Nikki Martin.

She gained her first experiences with yoga 6 years ago in 2012. Initially seeking out a low impact activity to realign body and mind. She quickly realized that yoga could not only be used as a tool for assisting with mental health, but also as catalyst back to Self. Yoga has offered an opportunity to integrate, reclaiming the lost aspects of the Self. By allowing this process to unfold through asana practice, Megan has gained a fresh perspective and a heightened appreciation for individuality.