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Gong Bath presented by Soundbeings

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Session 1: 3pm-5pm

Session 2: 6pm-8pm

$50+tax/per participant (online pre-registration required)

"What the heck is a gong bath?!", you ask? Well, it's just your everyday vibrational healing, that's what. Phil & Rita Crosbie are the lovely couple who make up Soundbeings and their mission is to bring this gift to the whole world. Come and learn about the impact vibration has on your body, from the cellular level of your physical make-up through to the energetic balances of your being. Then you'll be invited to lay back for a beautiful vibrational experience. If you've already had this experience at the conservatory over the years, you'll know what an absolute treat it will be to have this happen in such a small, intimate environment. Space is limited so reserve your spot at one of the two sessions being offered ahead of time. We very much look forward to having you share this with us.